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Dale Fibreglass produce a range of outdoor education equipment including Fibreglass Water and Sand Play Troughs

25 years of experience go into the manufacture of Dale Fibreglass’s fibreglass play troughs – that makes them tough and durable, the perfect addition to your children’s play equipment.

Our outdoor education equipment includes:

  • Fibreglass water play troughs, and
  • Fibreglass sand play troughs.

Play Trough

Dale Fibreglass play troughs are:

  • Suitable for water or sand
  • Light, portable, safe and tough – they last years
  • Easy to store – they dismantle into two piece
  • Easy to drain – they have a removable plug
  • Available in either blue or white, and
  • Available in two sizes.

Fibreglass Play Trough

Small Play Trough

Small Playtrough Diameter 850mm Depth 150mm. Stand height 400mm

small fibreglass play trough

Large Play Trough

Large Playtrough Diameter 1365mm Depth 220mm. Stand Height 440mm

large fibreglass play trough

Play Trough Lid

Dale Fibreglass play troughs are:

  • Weather proof lid to keep dirt, leaves etc out
  • Can be used as an Activity Table
  • Easily installed to exiting water troughs
  • Easy to drain – they have a removable plug
  • Comes with tie downs to keep in place

Fibreglass Play Trough Lid

Fibreglass Play Trough Lid