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Dale Fibreglass has many years of experience in producing high-quality fibreglass car components.

Fibreglass race car parts are:

  • Lighter than ordinary steel parts – that means a reduction in weight
  • Relatively inexpensive and quick to manufacture – that means a ready supply of replacement parts.

At Dale Fibreglass, Auckland, we manufacture and repair:

  • Car body parts
  • Car bumpers
  • Go karting bodies, and
  • Almost anything automotive.

We offer a full custom manufacturing and modification service for any vehicle part.  In fact, we can do the whole car, bonnet, guards, boots, wheel flares, doors, sills, wings, spoilers, go-kart seats and go kart seat repairs, scoops, seats… you can’t beat the versatility of fibreglass.

Race car components

Front Bumper

fibreglass race car

fibreglass race car